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After living on both coasts from 2005 to 2012, making music and touring the United States, Cree Rider moved back to his hometown of St. Louis in April 2012.  He promptly started the americana/country-influenced Cree Rider Family Band with his then-fiancée and now-wife, Cheryl Wilson Rider. 

Cree Rider Family Band is known for their original compositions, as well as an array of country covers.  They have two full-length feature albums and an additional album solely dedicated to covering the songs of country songwriter Misisipi Mike Wolf, Cree’s pal and former bandmate. 

Cree Rider Family Band continues to travel wherever the road may lead them, entertaining audiences along the way.

Cree has notably had songs featured on television shows such as True Blood, Justified, Wynona Earp, Heartland and Bloodline (among others). 

Other former and current bands include Misisipi Rider, The Mission Three, ARR!!!, Lamp Commander, Cree Rider Band, and Cree Rider’s Country Cousins.  You can also often find Cree playing music as a solo acoustic act, or as a frequent guest member of Sean Canan’s Voodoo Players.

Cree’s newest project, simply called Cree Rider, features a mixture of new songs, rearranged classics and some unexpected cover tunes.  The backing band features Adam Donald on pedal steel and electric guitar, Simon Chervitz on bass guitar, and Scotti Iman on drums.  There’s also always the possibility of some special guest appearances from the extended musical Family.

No matter where, when or which band Cree is playing with, you can always expect to enjoy the depth of the songwriting, the good tunes, and Cree’s great voice, sense of humor and warm charm.

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